Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Life Questions

Welcome to September!  I feel like that as soon as it began, it got busy. Like busier than the usual busy. I knew that my work life was going to escalate, but I usually plan a few more things for my personal life too. It's good, because I really do get lazy in the Summer. 

The best part about the last 6 weeks is that I have lost 9 pounds. I'm quite happy about that, because it was just pure laziness that allowed me to gain it. And usually in September, I have been known to lose even more weight because I never stop moving. I've lost a pound since last week, which is good, but I am sure that eating out isn't helpful. I often say that if I just didn't have weekends, then I would have excellent eating habits. But I love food, and I don't think I really eat that badly. Except on weekends. 

Alpha started at my church last night. I went in 2004, but I asked Miracle #1 if she wanted to go with me and she said Yes. It has actually changed in format since I went so many years ago, and I think I have more to learn anyway. My spiritual life always needs a bit of a boost, as theology fascinates me and I feel like it often takes a bit of a back burner.....not because I stop believing and praying, but because my relationship with God is unconditional.  And because God is the most forgiving, I put Him second or third in priority when I know He should be first. Alpha and Life Group helps me to be more accountable.  I am looking forward to dinner and a movie with #1 for the next 10 weeks. I already told her that she may need to nudge me during the movie part if I happen to nod off. I am so bad at sitting down and watching TV after dinner, so I am sure it will be no different.  Of course, if I slept better at night and didn't get up so early, that would also help. But I digress. We had a really nice evening out last night and it was especially fun to get to meet new people.  I loved all the food too, it was Appetizer Night and everything was so delicious!  #1 won a door prize and she was happy about that. We are both looking forward to going back next week. 

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