Monday, September 12, 2016

My morning

Today is the first day that the kindergarteners get to go to school for recess AND lunchtime. Which means that after I took Lucas to school, all I have left is two sweet angelic boys. Very quiet boys. Luckily Miracle #3 came over with her three little ones so that we could mix it up a bit. We had an early snack right at 9 o'clock when we came home from school. Finn had had a very sleepless night and didn't really eat breakfast, so he was pretty happy with grapes, strawberries and a cream cheese bun. 

Finn went to bed just before 11, I fed all the little ones and #3 headed home around 11:30. As I was cleaning up the lunch dishes, it got even quieter in the living room than I usually hear with a little voice and toys moving around. I wasn't surprised to peek in and find Isaac sound asleep. I have to pick Tai up at 1:30, and it is extraordinarily quiet today. Two sleeping at the same time around here is practically unheard of, but I will enjoy it to the best of my ability!

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