Saturday, September 17, 2016

Out of our comfort zone

Corinna had a birthday in August and like we always do, we went out for dinner and had a wonderful evening together. Over the years, we always have given each other gifts, as it is something we started over twenty years ago. Sometimes it is an actual gift and sometimes it is an experience. This year I decided to go right outside our comfort zones and we did an art class together. It was a bit of a bonus because we went out in August for Thai food and then we had sushi and a painting class last night. We had way too much fun!

There are very few pictures of my friends and I together. We decided we needed to change that. But like she says and she is right, our husbands don't take photos. So when you are the only one who takes pictures, you don't tend to be in very many. And truthfully, I really don't like getting my picture taken. But I sure love having memories! Here we are in our "studio" getting ready to begin. 

I went right outside the box. The class was called Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice, and the sample was in Fall Colours. Well, I like Spring better, so I changed it up completely. 

Corinna followed the instructions completely. She claims that she just kept looking at the sample and copying. I think it turned out so beautiful.  Mine is okay, but I like hers better. We both have to go back next week and complete them with paint pens, but it was all about the process and having fun. Which we did.  And we learned new skills and had a splendid evening together!  We both enjoyed our evening out so much!

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