Thursday, September 1, 2016


It was one of those kind of days. Miracle #2 tells me that Mercury is in retrograde. And for anyone that doesn't know what that means, I am just going to let you google it like I had to.  Actually, a great big article came through my Facebook newsfeed yesterday so I didn't have to.  But for everyone knows about full moons, it's like that, but worse.  Anyone who knows anything about behaviour attributes some crazy ones to a full moon. Well, my son is attributing Sweet Pea's new two year old behaviour to Mercury. I am sort of just thinking that she is two, and this is what two year olds do.  If they don't do it at two, they do it at three, but they just all test their boundaries. Mercury is in retrograde for a whole month.  I am not so sure that I can do this for a whole month. Just kidding.....I know I have to. It's part of working and being with children. 

Her temper tantrums are short. But she must have 15 or more a day. I actually think it's kind of funny, but she doesn't. 

This particular episode was different than the others. She didn't collapse onto the ground. But you can certainly tell how unhappy she is!

And the best part of being two, is that you can be tantrumming one minute and be perfectly happy one minute later.  She was very impressed with what Grandpa was doing and wanted to help. He put new numbers on our house so that we finally have a visible address from the road. It's one of those jobs that we have needed to do for years, and it finally got done. Yay!

She kept telling me, "I ficking it, it needs batteries."  She must have done this for 15 minutes or more. 

And these two cousins thought of this all on their own. Aren't they adorable? It entertained them for quite awhile.  I really think that they thought they were getting away with something. 

While these two rode around and around and around.  They were very busy happy boys today! I loved that it didn't rain until after 4 o'clock as we all had so much fun playing outside today. 

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