Friday, September 9, 2016

Play play play

We started our morning outside. By 9:15, we were in the cul-de-sac playing with friends.

My neighbours have left their pink car at my house, and the toddlers are very pleased. Now we have two!  I especially love that one year olds really don't care what colour their car is.  

Mila, Fara and Shay joined us by 9:30 and everyone really enjoyed our outside playtime.

We had to go in a little after 10 because Finn needed to have a nap. So some of the children played on the sundeck, while I started preparing our early lunch, and while Finn slept. I actually had to wake him up so that we could take Ethan to preschool for 12:30. His parents have already forewarned me that he doesn't really sleep much. But both days that he has been here, he has slept for almost an hour and a half each time. Yay for Daycare!

Tai was picked up by his Mom for kindergarten around 11:30. And this was the little blue-eyed bunch that walked over to the church with me.  After we dropped off Ethan, everyone that came back was blonde too. 

Mila and Fara were picked up just as we got back to the house and Shay went to bed.  I fed Finn his lunch while Sweet Pea had a second one, and before we knew it, it was 2 o'clock and Shay's Dad picked her up. (sound asleep, she transferred into his truck) 

We played at the school until just after 3, went to Menchie's and by 3:45, all of the rest of the little ones had gone home. I love it when I get off early on Fridays!  It was a really great day.....very busy, but very fun!  

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