Wednesday, September 14, 2016

School and Sunshine

I am at the school a lot this week. There is only one drop off at 8:25 (two boys) but there are two pick ups because of kindergarten gradual entry. Tai gets off at 1:30 and Lucas and Mason are off at 2:20. Today I parked in the parking lot at 1:25, (I got the last parking spot...yay me!) and Tai never came out of his classroom until 1:37. The other three kindergarten classes were out on time. Tai's class wasn't. Which was fine because it was sunny and warm......let's just hope it stays that way tomorrow and then gradual entry is done. For me anyway.  I don't have Tai on Fridays any more because I am at Pretty Girl's school that day.

I took all the little children to play out back of the school until the others got out and they were all soooooo good.  I made them stay in the shade, and Tai brought out a box of treasures that he brought from home, and that entertained them all for the entire time they were waiting. Bottom right pic is from earlier, but I just loved how well these two cousins played today. They were so adorable!

We attracted all sorts of attention from some of the school kids who were playing outside.  This little girl came over and talked to the kids and looked in the box with them for five minutes or so. She wasn't the only one who came over to have a look. 

Preston listened really well to me when I told him he had to have his hat on before he went into the sun. He stopped and watched all of the big kids and then came back to play with his friends. Honestly, he's a bit cautious at the best of times, so I wonder if he would've gone over at all.  He just stared at the playground, and was quite content to stay put. 

This was my view while I watched six children play. We had the whole intermediate playground to ourselves today which is very unusual.

I think that the view from this school yard is amazing. These children play here every day and have no idea how privileged they are. 

We live in a beautiful place with incredible scenery. I took half a dozen pictures and it was really bright. Lucas started of squinting in the sun, but then he thought it was fun to make faces. So Isaac started making faces too. Oh these kids!  Thanks for making me smile and making me really love my job today!  Everyone was soooooooo well-behaved!

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