Thursday, September 29, 2016

September is almost over!

September is almost over.....and it has gone by incredibly fast. We have found our groove, and the children have been awesome at following directions and getting to school on time.  It was really cool this morning and I have no idea why Mason came without a jacket but he survived just fine.  I worry because I think it is too cold, but he was laughing by the end of the school day when it was 22 degrees outside. 

We drop Mason's backpack off in the line-up to his classroom before we head over to Lucas's classroom. 

They listened pretty well this morning and we are so thankful that we have had only one rainy school day this month. I am dreading the rain when it arrives and it is going to take a bit of talent too keep all the little children dry, but they really are all old enough for boots and umbrellas. Or umbrellalalas, as Baby says.

After our snack this morning, we headed outside to get our Vitamin D fix for the day. It was a perfect day to play in the cul-de-sac!

Baby came home with us from the school and she is such an outside girl. Everyone played well together this morning. 

Even Preston was more adventurous than normal. He doesn't really move very quickly and it's kind of easy to entertain him when we are outside.

After lunch, we all headed downstairs to watch Super Why and rock Baby to sleep. She really wanted to sit with her cousin and it didn't take long for her to drift off. I did end up rocking her eventually, but these two cuddled with one another for five or ten minutes. And I know that Sweet Pea looks soooooo much bigger than Baby, but it's an optical illusion. Baby is sitting in a lower section of the couch. 

And this almost-3 year old fell asleep on the floor for an hour. He is adorable. Or as Sweet Pea says, "He is a gerbil." I love the way that 2 year olds talk. They all enunciate extremely well, but they do have a couple of memorable words. Baby calls a blanket a blanklet. Gosh, they make me smile. 

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