Thursday, September 22, 2016

Such a nice day!

The mornings start off rather cool, but the afternoons feel like Summer. I know that today was the first day of Fall, but I am still hanging on to every last bit of sun and warmth!

Mason has no fear. He never has and I wonder if he ever will. At least he thinks about what he decides to climb now versus climbing up and flipping over just about every piece of furniture I have ever owned. He's an outside boy, and really loves our time at the playground every day!

I love how pleasant it is at the intermediate playground. I encourage the little ones to sit in the shade for a while but there's always a breeze and they all love to play with their friends. Sweet Pea was the only girl today, after #3 headed home because Brennan was stung by a wasp. There were eleven boys playing, and one lone little two year old girl. 

The man from the movie set was happy to see me arrive home at 3:40 today. They had the insurance fellow coming to insure the Grand Am for it's use in the movie, and he needed details and insurance papers. Easy Peasy, but I was pleased that Miracle #2 showed up to help as I had four little children who needed to wash so that they could have a Popsicle. It's been a really busy four days and probably the most excitement that this little street will ever see.

We watched two scenes being filmed around 4:30. I find it really interesting, and have learned a lot this week. For every minute of film that gets produced, it probably takes a half an hour of rehearsal and re-takes. 

You can see Daphne Zuniga in this shot. Yes, I know it's very far away. She is 53, and even when you get close to her, it's hard to believe that she is that old. She is very tiny and very pretty. The filming will be finished up tomorrow night at 10 o'clock. It's gone by fast, and I have had a lot of fun watching and learning. 

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