Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday evening

The movie people insured Hubby's car for four days, so we took it to the G house tonight when we went for dinner. 

Three little blessings loved exploring and playing in the back seat. 

And they were ever so pleased to be all seatbelted in so they could go for a ride. We may or may not have gone for a little ride around the block like this. Oh my gosh, they were so excited!  They didn't have car seats in 1973 at all, so it was rather fun to live in the moment. 

And because the trunk was the reason that they used the car at all in the movie, three little blessings climbed into the back and played around for a bit. I am sure we could have fit 10 more children in there with them. The trunk is massive!

"I bumping, Gamma, I bumping!"  And yes, she really was pumping her little legs and making the swing move back and forth. Seriously, Baby?!? You are two. Her sister just learned how to pump in the Summer and Pretty Girl mastered it in the Spring. They are five and six, which is completely age-appropriate. This little one is way too determined, and she always wants to be a "big geel."  Slow down, little one, slow down. I am just not as ready for her to grow up as she is. Sigh.

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