Monday, September 12, 2016

The rest of my day

After we picked up Tai from school at 1:30, we went to hang out at #3's house for a half an hour before we had to go back and get the other kids at 2:20. Because I had to wake Finn and Isaac up at 1:22, poor little Finn hadn't even had lunch yet. So I packed him a little something to eat, and he was quite happy to sit and eat it at C and T's house. Bosco was loitering about and it was so cute to hear Finn say "Sit" and watch this big black lab obey him. I am sure that Bosco would have loved it if Finn had dropped him a crumb or two, but he just sat and waited beside this little 17 month old who told him to sit. It was pretty cute. 

He talks really well.  He told his Mommy, "Ba Ba Mama" as she left today and I thought that was pretty good. His third word that he learned to say was phone and he really does love all of my phones. Here he is at the end of the day, walking up the road with one in his hand. 

In this picture, he is pointing and saying, "Plane."  Such a happy chatty little guy!

After dinner tonight, I went to take care of some blessings so that their parents could go to a hockey meeting. Sweetheart was sound asleep at 7:10, but it took Baby a bit longer. She has another fever this evening, and she was really tired but she still sang and talked for almost 40 minutes. I love listening to her, and I am praying for her to feel better in the morning. #3 has already said that she will keep everyone home from Music tomorrow. 

And my favourite grandson was still wide awake at 9:10 when I left. He too, loves to chat and puts off going to sleep as long as he possibly can. He really likes Grade 3 so far, and was telling me all about it!

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