Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We had a busy day!

We went to our first Music lesson of the year, and as usual, we were early. So we stopped to take a group photo. The children were all really happy to get into our new Fall schedule.

Sam is my new Tuesday helper.  She is still working at her Summer job for awhile but until she gets her dream job, she said that she can help me with my little ones.  I am so grateful. 

Finn loves her, and so does Sweet Pea.

Preston wasn't so sure about Music Class, but at least he didn't cry.

Hmmmm, Isaac looks very unimpressed, and the other two boys were intrigued with their castanets. Ethan comes on Tuesday's now, so this will be his first year of Music.  So far, so good.

Dan, the recycling man came to do a craft with us this afternoon. The children loved making a mini chalkboard out of cardboard and black paint. This man is amazing.  He is so passionate about his job, and he was so great with the children. 

He read them all a story about Earth Day and learning to reduce, reuse and recycle.  This was while their paint was drying.  They all enjoyed it very much!

And it was another beautiful day to play outside at the end of our day. These two toddlers had way too much fun! They are both such kind and gentle souls. 

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