Friday, September 9, 2016

We made it!

The first week of school is done!  And we all survived!  It's been a busy and emotional week for everyone, and I am one tired Grandma. By the end of school today, all I had left were three little children and they all enjoyed visiting the school playground. It was a perfect day, with a bit of cloud cover and just the right amount of warmth. 

Sweet Pea loves climbing. And she was up this rock wall and down the slide too many times to count.  Her little friend couldn't quite do it, but he sure did try.

They really like each other, and it is really cute to listen to them talk to each other. Finn is only 12 months younger than Sweet Pea, and he idolizes her. He is just really small. If you look really closely, you can see Pretty Girl on the swings with her friends. She had two little classmates who she was playing with while I tended to the young ones. 

As we were leaving, she came to get an official "I'm in Grade 1" picture. She weighs 52 pounds and is 48 and 1/4 inches tall. She fits Size 7 clothes and wears a Size 13/1 shoe, depending on the brand. 

"I climbing, Gamma.  I climbing." There is a whole playground to play in and every time she went by this railing, she went up it. Or down it, depending on which way we were going. 

We celebrated the first week of school by going to Menchie's on our way home. My blessings were very impressed!  Gosh, I love these two beautiful the moon and back again. 

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