Sunday, September 4, 2016

Well, that was fun!

I was invited to go to the PNE yesterday by Stacy and #3, and of course I said yes!  What a great day!!! We arrived around 11:30 am and left at 11:20 pm.  And we all had so much fun!

When we arrived, it was not busy at all. Mind you, it was a bit cloudy and had rained all morning so we figured the crowds would be out soon enough. Of course, Grandson and Sweetheart had to pick up their maps. I cannot count how many times that Sweetheart referred to it and asked me questions about it. 

The crowds really never did arrive even though the sun was out by 2.   Mmmmmm, mini doughnuts!

Everyone had the most wonderful time at The Fair. And we all ate and drank too much. Calories don't count at the PNE, right?

I spent a lot of one on one time with this little beauty because the boys and their mom's spent more time at the Midway. She was so excited to go to the barns!

We watched a cow being milked, she fed the pigs and posed for pictures everywhere.  I really was her own personal paparazzi.  We met up with everyone for Superdogs at 5, and then again for the magician at 7:30, but it was me and Sweetheart doing what she wanted to do for a lot of the time. 

Aww, I love these guys to the moon and back again!

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