Thursday, September 22, 2016

Which one are you?

These memes that come through Facebook always make me think. Or they make me chuckle. I really did sleep so well between 2007 and 2013. I learned what it felt like to actually sleep through the night and feel refreshed and revived. And then menopause hit. Hard. So I went back to the naturopath and nothing worked. Again. So I tried a lot of different options, and even attempted new measures like going to an acupuncturist. Lots of things help me, but nothing really works well. Right now, and for the last three months I have been using an over the counter sleep aid called Nytol. I was taking it fairly frequently, but right now I take it about once a week, just to try and get 6-7 hours of sleep in a row. And it's working. I feel pretty good and I truly do feel that I get enough sleep. I am one of those people who really don't require a lot of sleep and today I really do think that I am what is called 'The Sleepless Elite."

I can totally relate to this. I have been known to "rest my eyes" in various spots while I am out and about. If you are going to get up at 3:30 or 4 every morning, then it only makes sense that you will be tired by 8 or 9 at night. I will often sleep through anything on TV if I sit and watch it after 8 pm. So I really don't even bother. 

And even though I call myself an incurable insomniac, I am not really one after all. Because I am very awake and I function well.

So this will be my new catchphrase. I really don't need a lot of sleep. And I function just fine. Right now, especially since September began, I am busy, happy and sleeping 3-5 hours every night. I made the mistake of drinking tea at Alpha on Tuesday evening so I had to get up at 2 am to use the bathroom, but I have been going to bed fairly early (by 10-10:30 at the latest) and waking up around 3 or 4.  This is plenty of sleep for people like me. I will catch a 6-7 hour catch-up every 7-10 days, and that's just the way I am. And I am absolutely fine!

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