Thursday, October 27, 2016

After school

It didn't rain at 2 o'clock so I decided to park at #3's house and walk to the school with her. It's such a nice little walk and it's the perfect amount of steps for little children.  I started with four children because I had Baby, and she started with two children.  I picked up two little Grade 1 boys, and she picked up two kindergarten girls, one Grade 1 boy and one Grade 3 boy. In case anyone is wondering, we both picked up relatives in that group. 

But it takes time to do all that. Five different classrooms for those six children, and you can bet that some are on time and some aren't. For some reason, it was my group that was ready before her group today (which is not the way it usually is) and we waited over by the lamp pole for everyone to be ready to walk home. It always makes me smile to watch how well these children play and care for one another. Again, it's not always the way it is, but it is for the majority of time.  

They make my heart smile.....all of them. 

And I was in the lead with Preston in the stroller and Mason who wanted to be in the front. When we turned around, this is who we saw.  #3's friend and neighbour always walks with her with her two boys too, so we are quite a crowd. And I changed it up today because our usual way is full of very creepy and inappropriate Halloween decorations. The road is a bit busier this way, but it's not as gruesome. 

This house is fun for everyone to look at. They all enjoy looking at this one and I really do think that these people add new stuff daily. 

I still think that I take care of the best kids in Maple Ridge. Just sayin'.

And these eight year olds are growing up before my very eyes. Sigh...

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