Friday, October 7, 2016

Appreciating that it didn't rain

It was supposed to rain all day today. But it didn't. And that was a very nice surprise!

We went around the back of the school today when we went to pick up Pretty Girl.  And they have totally changed it.  There used to be stumps around the sand, and now there are rocks. The children didn't care, but it really looked different. 

Finn is very photogenic. I think he has lots of practice smiling for the camera.  He usually even says, "Cheese."

The school is right beside the train tracks, and they used to be afraid of the whistle. They are growing up. Today they just put their hands over their ears and waited for "Thomas the train."

Finn just loved it.  It was a long train and they were all very excited!

These blessings enjoyed playing in the parking lot at the church before we picked up Ethan from pre-school. I told Pretty Girl that Sweetheart says that she is a bird in a nest in these trees, so she tried it out. And of course, when an older sister does something, her two year old sister is sure to copy. Two very sweet birdies, don't you think?

And this little 18 month old stood here for a very long time. He wasn't going to admit it but he was too afraid to get off. He watched the other children, copied them and then realized that the water in the grate was a couple of feet down. And so he wouldn't move. I finally went over to help him, as he really wasn't going to do it himself. He's giving me a bit of stink-eye because I was laughing at him. Poor little man!

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