Thursday, October 27, 2016

At the library

We went to Storytime this morning to check out the Halloween theme. 

And like always, I try to take a few group shots. This is Take One. 

And Take Two. At least one little person is looking. And hamming it up pretty well too!

So I attempted taking a couple more, as Baby went off to play with the puppets. Not too bad, not too bad at all!

Preston's Daddy spilled something on his costume this morning so he didn't have one to wear. So we went to the dress-up box and we found this little ladybug pullover. He was fine, as long as I didn't put on the little hood. 

All of the children participate fairly well this year. It's sure a lot different than last year. Preston is a hit or miss, but he really is only 15 months. Today was a good day.

He did venture off at one point to check out the window blinds. And because Baby knew I walked away, she watched me leave and come back. And as soon as I pointed my phone at her, she smiled and posed. What a funny little girl!

Always posing and usually smiling. And I think that Preston was finally tired enough that he wasn't going to complain about the hood. These guys are just soooooo sweet! 

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