Monday, October 17, 2016

It's definitely Fall!

I love Muddy Buddys. They are so practical, and I really think that every small child should have one. I know that they are a bit pricey ($40) but I really do think that they make so much sense. The rains have started and Finn stayed warm and dry on our way to pick up Lucas today. He usually has boots, but I just tucked his little feet into his Muddy Buddy and his feet stayed dry in the stroller. 

Did I mention that I just bought a quad stroller?  We are going to do a lot more walking to school this year. I thought long and hard about a new $40,000 van because I have seven children after school most days now. But spending $200 on a second hand stroller seemed more reasonable. It's one kilometre to school, which takes 10-15 minutes to walk. I really don't think that is very far.  Mason's sister came and spent the morning with us last Wednesday but I couldn't drive her to school because I didn't have enough seatbelts. She left here at 8:02 as I was starting to load everyone into my van. We drove to our usual spot on 210th Street and she was seriously 3 houses from where we were about to park. It takes me just as long to load 6 children in and drive to the school as it does to walk. If I wasn't convinced before, then I am more than convinced now. I already know that my big boys won't be all that thrilled about this change but it's going to be so much more healthy. For all of us!

This was my view today as we were walking back to the van. I only had one little boy to pick up today (because Tai is in the Dominican), and he was 13 minutes late coming out of his classroom. Not his fault, but his class was very slow today. So that's why there are no cars as we were walking. The streets clear out pretty fast, even when it rains. Don't they just make your heart melt?  The big brother took care of his little brother and the big sister took care of her little sister. And I don't even have to ask them......they just automatically do it. I really do take care of the best kids in Maple Ridge!

And this is my new little boy who started today. His name is Lukas and he is 22 months old.  He's only coming 2 mornings a week and he is an absolute sweetheart. He is one of those kids that likes to put everything in his mouth, (including his hands) so it was really hard to get a picture of him. I love that we have another Lukas, even though it is spelled differently. 

And this group of beautiful girls came for dinner tonight and we all went for a walk afterwards.  It actually stopped raining, and it was fun to get out and burn off some energy.  They are all so funny when they are together and for the most part, they get along really well. I love them all to the moon and back again!

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