Friday, October 14, 2016


Finn's mommy texted me yesterday with this cute picture. It came with the accompanying text, "First parenting traumatic experience....running jump combo onto the hardwood, fat lip, blood and chipped front tooth! Been to the dentist. He will be with you tomorrow with this hockey player smile."

Awwww.  Poor Finn. But most of all, poor Mommy. These things are so much harder on parents than they are on their children. He had a rough night because he is all stuffy again so he is already back to bed. He's been having a tough time getting rid of this cold that he has now had for almost a month. 

And Kara brought Timbits for her friends and a coffee for me, so this is what we are all up to. It's going to be a good day....I can just feel it!

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