Sunday, October 23, 2016


I love that I belong to a community who cares. We went to a fundraiser on Friday evening for a young man who is battling Stage 4 gastric cancer. Taylor is 27 years old and he used to play on the same soccer team as our friend's son Craig. 475 people came out and together raised almost $20,000.  I know that Fridays are a tough night for me to go out and be social and on this particular Friday night, my knees were just aching. We didn't stay very long, but I was very pleased to read on Facebook that it was very successful. He is really close to his goal of $100,000 so that he can have immunotherapy instead of chemotherapy that the government won't finance because of his young age. He gave a speech which was very amazing and inspiring, and if anyone can beat this disease, it will be Taylor!

And yes, my knees still hurt after two days, but they are definitely feeling better than they did. It started with my right one and has travelled into my left, but I am healing so that's a good thing. Can't figure out if it's because I was on my knees cleaning so much, I have arthritis or my thyroid is acting up. I am going to buy some celery today and see if it helps.....apparently it works just as well as glucosamine. 

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