Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Baby was quite insistent last night that she was staying at "Gwamma's house."  So she asked her Mommy and she said yes. I often wonder what I did to make her so attached to me as she is our fifth grandchild. I know she was a very needy baby and I picked her up a lot, but I haven't treated her any differently than the other ones. She is the one who treats me differently as she always always always expects more of me. It's kind of cute.  And it really is so sweet of her to love me so much!

She's been a perfect little houseguest. Went to sleep at 7:45 in the crib and I haven't heard her all night long, except for the squeaking of the mattress every now and again. 

I did take the blanket out from underneath of her and covered her up when I went to bed, and this what she looked liked around 10:15 last night. Isn't she so precious?

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