Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

They are feeling better. Sweet Pea is completely healed and Pretty Girl has a few spots left, from their bouts with Hand Foot Mouth last week.

They had fun making jack-o-lanterns with their Mommy today. 

They turned out great!  I was given six little pumpkins from a friend, and I actually did carve one but it was pretty lame. I am going to make pumpkin purée and roast some seeds with the rest. 

Halloween 2016 was one of our more popular evenings than it has been for awhile. The rain stopped around 3 pm and we received our first trick or treaters just before 6. It was actually still light out, and we turned out our front door light around 8 as it was starting to get quiet.  We had 72 children knock on our door, and some of them were rather large teenagers but that was okay. I will always give out treats to anyone who dresses up or makes an effort. There were lots of little ones too, and an abundance of Asian children this year.  Makes me think that most of all my new neighbours who have moved in this year are from China or Korea. There were sure a lot of cute children out and about.....lots of princesses and superheroes, but lots of farm and jungle animals too!

These two look like they had lots of fun. Wonder Woman and Supergirl to the rescue! They are both so cute!!

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