Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Day!

It was absolutely pouring this morning but I braved the rain and took four little boys on a little field trip across the river. 

First stop. Chickens. They were all pretty cautious, and you know, I don't really blame them. Those chickens are quite big when you are only one, two or three years old!

These two boys are only two months apart in age and they get along extremely well.  Brennan came to my daycare today because #3 closed hers to take care of Baby. 

Isaac made me smile every time we stopped to look at something.  He kept standing with his hands behind his back.  

This was a very fun game. Boys and balls. What's not to like?  They go hand in hand. 

I think they would have stayed in this big sandbox all morning. Took me some coaxing to get them to go and investigate the hay maze. 

And they really didn't even care about it. It was fun but they would have rather just played in the sand. 

We went on a hayride around the pumpkin patch and I think that they were done. We were there almost two hours and it was a great little outing. 

Two sweet boys wearing their Halloween shirts. I try to make Halloween Day be very low key at Daycare. It's such an exciting evening that we try and do as little as possible to hype it up more than it already is.  And you know what?  It has stopped raining so I think all the little trick or treaters are going to stay dry tonight. Yay!!!

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