Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween is coming!

The children dressed up in their costumes for MyGym this morning. They sure looked cute!

When we did our circle and they all had to say their names, she told everyone that her name was Elsa. Nothing like getting right into character!

They were all very pleased to be wearing their costumes. At least, the two and three year olds were, anyway. Preston has a really comfy costume from Carters and he really didn't even know that he was wearing one. 

Lukas brought an elephant costume, but there was no way that he was going to put it on.  His mom says that he cries every time she puts it on him. She was hoping that once he saw the other children, then he would wear it, but not a chance. Preston didn't mind at all and had no idea what a cute little fireman that he was. 

Isaac was a very sweet elephant, although it's very difficult to tell whether he is actually under there!  He wore the hood for a matter of two seconds for a picture and then he was running, climbing and playing. He sure loves MyGym!  We all do, but he is just so different when we are here. 
He is usually so calm and reserved, but not on Wednesday mornings. You can tell that he is extremely comfortable, and that he really enjoys himself!

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