Saturday, October 29, 2016

Alpha and Hockey

I knew it was going to be a busy day before it even started, and it was definitely that!  I left the house at 8:20 this morning and stopped in briefly around 3 o'clock to use the bathroom and pick up my purse and phone, and just arrived back here at 9:30. 

My course at the church was wonderful, and so well done. I didn't realize that this is the very first year that the new videos were being shown. I did the course for myself in 2004, and this time I am supporting #1 and taking it with her. But I am enjoying it for myself as well. I really like all the BC scenery and references. We sure do live in a beautiful province!

Anyway, it was a bit late getting out and I was very surprised to find Hubby arriving at church to pick me up so that I didn't have to walk home in the rain.  I was even more surprised to find Sweetheart waiting in the truck because Grandpa had just taken her to the dentist. It was for her regular appointment, but SIL had to take Grandson to hockey and #3 had to stay home with sick Baby as she came down with Hand Foot Mouth Disease this morning. Pretty Girl got it on Thursday, so it is definitely making its rounds. I can't help but wonder who is next, although I really am hoping that it will be nobody. 

It was really fun to be back at the rink.  It's the first time since Spring and we all enjoyed ourselves. 

Grandson was wearing #5 today, but I don't think that the jerseys have been officially handed out yet.
And he played on Half Ice instead of Cross Ice, so we were all very pleased about that too.

They played 4 on 4 with the small nets, and they all played hard and fast. They switch ends half way through, and they are still balancing the teams out, but it seemed pretty fair in both ends. 

I just love watching him play hockey. And I really love the fact that I am a hockey Grandma!

There were lots of people dressed up at the Vancouver Giants game tonight and these guys made me reminisce about Summer Kids Club. They were more than happy to pose for pictures, and it was a great night all round. Vancouver beat Kamloops 4-1 and it was a really really good game.  It was a splendid day today and tomorrow is looking to be just as good, and just as busy again!

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