Monday, October 24, 2016

I love being a Grandma!

"Hi Grandma, hi Grandma!"  That is the reception I got when I went to the school to pick up Lucas and Tai. Sweetheart was walking back with her class and she was sooooooo excited to see me. I guess this is the first time since school started in September that she has seen me when she is actually IN school. She made my heart smile!

She was definitely near the end of the big line of children. There are always two classes who hang out together and her teacher was at the beginning of the line, whereas Ms. Woo was bringing up the rear. It's always nice to see the blessings in their school setting. 

She was just sooooooo happy! I got the biggest smile when I stopped to talk, as she was waiting with her friends to get back into the school. 

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