Thursday, October 20, 2016

Keeping it real

This is the little face that I looked at more than once today. He was fine if he was eating, sitting in the stroller, sleeping, or in my arms, but any other time of the day, he was crying. Why?  Because I put him down. Yep, that's all I had to do was put the one year old down to help someone else, and the floodwaters began. And the minute he was in my arms, then he would immediately stop. And when there are other children who also need me, then that means that Preston had more than a few tears today. Oh well, not every day can be a good one. 

I shouldn't think it is amusing when children cry. But when you are with children as much as me, then you have to see the humour in it. If he was hurting, then I really would be more sympathetic, but this was just plain old "it's all about me" syndrome. 

He liked the new stroller.  All the children were very impressed with our new wheels, and Preston has always enjoyed being in the stroller. I think it makes him feel safe. And yes, he is tired. Just because he was so miserable today, he only slept an hour. Awesome. No, not really. 

We brought an extra blessing home with us today. Sweetheart and Baby were very impressed with Grandma's new stroller, and in case you haven't noticed, we swapped a two year old for a two year old. Sweet Pea begged all day to go to Auntie C's house, so we made it happen when we met at the school. We made it back home just as it started to rain so it was perfect timing. 

Isaac fell asleep on the ride home. Didn't really surprise me as he fell asleep on the way to the library this morning and that was at 10 o'clock. He's such a sleepy boy. 

And I really do love my new mode of transportation. It took 15 minutes to walk to the school and 20 minutes to walk home. We stopped a couple of times to look at the water in the creek, and admire the beautiful blue birds. It's a very good workout for me to push it up and down the hills, as I was sweating pretty good on the way there. It weighs sixty pounds and the children would have been close to a hundred pounds all totalled, so that is a hundred and sixty pounds, give or take a few. 

As soon as we got back home, Preston found a little bag of Cheerios which he dumped on the floor. He and Baby thought that it was a great way to sit and have a snack. On the floor. Hey, at least there were no tears. 

There was a puppet show at the library tonight, and I took a couple of blessings.  We are babysitting the three G children while their parents are at the Canucks game, so when they announced this was happening tonight when we were at Storytime, I thought it would be a fun little outing. 

It was really well done. It ended with a little parade around the library, a little Halloween treat and the usual hand stamp. Auntie J came out to come with us and we all had a marvelous time!  The library is always a great place to go and most events are free. They have started a Saturday pre-school Storytime this Fall, and I think that is really great for all the working parents. It's at 10:15 to 10:45, in case anyone is interested. I know all your children would love it!

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