Tuesday, October 4, 2016

King of the road

I will often meet #3 at her house at 2 o'clock and we will walk to the school together and pick up our children. Yesterday, she brought her quad stroller and my little Finn rode with her. He just loved it and even though this doesn't show his big smile, he had an ear to ear grin when he was moving.

Baby loves all of the babies in her life. She is always kind to them and tells us that they are "so cute."  And we always tell her back that she is so cute. I love her little cheesy 2 year old grin. 

And as soon as I took a picture, I ended up clicking more, because then everyone wants in on the photo-taking. This was after we arrived back home around 3:30 because we stayed at the playground for a bit. Kids are so funny!

See?  Jade noticed what we were dong and came running over. 

And then Mila noticed, and then little R joined in while Baby Mack kept looking at what was going on around him. 

And then the big ones are posing while the little ones are losing interest.  

And it took a bit, but then Tai came running over too. They all make me smile! A lot. 

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