Saturday, October 8, 2016

Lacrosse and Dinner

It was an action-packed Saturday. We started our day at the chiropractor, did a few errands and came home to do some laundry, have lunch and head out to Grandson's first lacrosse game of the day. He's in a tournament this weekend and it actually started yesterday, which was different. He missed Friday afternoon at school, and he played in a hard-fought game that his team ended up losing in the last quarter 11-8.

It was absolutely pouring this morning but it eased right off just before 1 o'clock, and it didn't rain very hard during the first game that he and his team tied 7-7. As a matter of fact, it only rained for about 20 minutes during the entire game which was a bit of a surprise. The lights came on on the field, which meant it was rather dreary and dismal, but it certainly wasn't as wet as it could have been. 

Grandson is #18, and here he is waiting and watching a game just before his second game at 3 o'clock. 

I'm starting to understand the rules of the game, and it sure is fun to watch him run and play. He really enjoys himself out there and it shows. They beat the Burnaby Lakers by a score of 7-4.

Miracle #3 and SIL hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for the G side of the family tonight which we were invited to attend. Hey, once you have 22 people over for dinner, what's two more?  Just kidding, I know that it really does make a difference.  But we are forever grateful for the invitation, and as usual, they outdid themselves. I love Baby's two year old cheesy face. She really does make my heart smile!

They cooked two hams and it was all so delicious!

These cousins were more than happy to pose for a couple of pictures for us. At least, the girls were. Their almost-one year old cousin just wanted to crawl away.  

They both really look like their Mommies. Two brothers had babies, and I see glimmers of their Daddies in both of them, but they really could not look more different. They sure are cute, that's for sure!

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