Sunday, October 2, 2016

Meadows Maze

It was a tremendous day. We went to Meadows Maze today and everyone had a wonderful time. Here are just a few of my favourite pictures and I promise to post more tomorrow. I'm tired. A very good, wonderful tired, but nonetheless tired. 

The family fun market is loved by all of the children.  I think the two year olds would stay here all day if they were allowed, but these two loved it too.

Pretty Girl is very thoughtful and thankful, and she loves to learn. She had so much fun today!

It was very very bright but I still love this family picture. Such a sunny day, and it even got warmer as the day progressed. These two little blessings are 2 and a half and almost 6 and a half and they are growing up so fast!

Cousins and their kids. Poor Isaac had had enough at this point and there was no way he was going to look at me and the sun. Lucas always has had sensitive eyes, and someone pointed out the other day that blue eyes are definitely more sensitive to the light.

More cousins and their kids. Poor little Isaac had definitely had enough. Wasn't too many minutes later and he had fallen asleep in his Mommy's arms. 

I have no idea who the man on the far left is, but when I said, "Smile" he turned and smiled with all of the rest of my family. People are so funny!

They did it! It took us all about 40 minutes to do the biggest corn maze but we had some pretty good map readers in our bunch! 

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