Monday, October 3, 2016

More from the Maze

We started out at the Corn Maze around 12:30 with one family, met another family, went through one of the mazes with #2 and his family with #4, and then some of the cousins played on the slide and in the family fun market. 

There are three mazes, and this one was a mystery "who dunnit" theme. Pretty Girl guessed that it was the duck but it turned out to be the bull. Lots of stations and trudging around in the mud. It was beautiful and sunny, but it had rained on Saturday so there were lots of mud puddles. 

This slide was a crowd favourite. Lots of blessings were sure to go up and down many times. 

We went to watch the pig races with Shannon and JP after #2 and his family headed off around 2:30. Just as they left, #3 and her family arrived. 

So off we went to explore the biggest and hardest maze. It was so lovely and fun to walk around and find all 18 stations. Even Baby made it all the way through and it said it was 6.4 km. 

She makes my heart smile. Over and over and over again. 

We all went for a tractor train ride. Because it was so muddy in the corn maze, the route was changed to go around the barn. It was a short little ride and it made some children very happy, even though I am sure it could be longer. We all enjoyed our ride. 

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