Sunday, October 2, 2016

More from yesterday

Those were some very huge pumpkins for the blessings to see. They were all rather impressed with them. So were Hubby and I. 

Three little blessings jumping on a pumpkin. When we first arrived to the Family Fun area, there weren't very many people there. But it got very busy very fast. 

I couldn't have planned this any better if I tried. My sister and her family stood with Hubby and smiled at me as the as the boys ran/jumped by. Baby is off to the right as well, but I LOVE this picture!

This was new from the last time we were there. All of the children loved it and Baby was so expressive!  She was so pleased when her little duck floated down to see her!

The tractor bikes are so much fun to ride, and all of the children were very patient about waiting their turn. 

And around and around they did go. Grandson and Lucas managed to get here when it wasn't so busy and ended up with longer turns. We had to leave because Grandson had hockey practice at 3, so he asked for one more time around before we left. 

Baby loved the little tractor bike and was a bit too little to make it go, but that didn't stop her from trying.  The blessings enjoyed their outing very much, and we will have to come back.  We didn't even have time to go into the barley maze, and Sweetheart was disappointed. She thought we should have taken her brother to hockey and then come back, which was a great idea, but it really was starting to rain as we left. By the time we arrived home, it was pouring. 

Miracle #1 came by after work, and she had dinner with us before we headed off to church. I made the turkey schnitzel that we had bought from JD Farms and even #1 was impressed. I was impressed too because I actually cooked on a Saturday night. I kind of felt guilty as I hadn't cooked much this past week and we still had so many vegetables to use up. Which made #1 very happy because she is a veggie fan. 

Church was awesome, which it usually is.  Pastor Todd began a new Fall series last week, and his message was very good. The songs were good, the message was good and I got to see a few friends as well. I don't really like going to church on Saturday evening as I am usually too tired and fidgety, but I was fine. It's #1's preference and she has being attending fairly regularly even though I don't always go with her. Church is always such a nice way to begin a new week, as it sets me off in such a positive state of mind. I think that #1 agrees. 

We are going to Grandson's lacrosse game this morning and then we are meeting #2 and his family at the local corn maze. We will pick #4 up on or way and #3 and her family are joining us later this afternoon. #1 can't come because she is working, but we decided that we all needed to go before it closes for good on October 16th. It's supposed to be sunny today as well. It's going to be a great day!

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