Saturday, October 1, 2016

Out at the Berry Farm

We had to go back to the Berry Farm to pick up a couple of jackets that I left behind when we were there on Wednesday.  I had put them down in the Barley Maze to take a picture and luckily a very kind soul turned them in to Lost and Found. We had the pleasure of a few blessings' company, and none of us had ever tried the waffles that Krause is so well-known for. Until today. As you can see, I have one adventurous blessing who was willing to try strawberries and whipping cream. She was so excited when she saw it and said,"Oh, icing!"

It was very different today than it was on Wednesday, as there was a pumpkin festival going on. I believe there were seven cars in the parking lot when we were last here, whereas today there were three full rows and an overflow lot starting. Baby was so excited and so fun to watch. I think she would have looked at those chickens all afternoon if I didn't coax her along to try jumping on the strawberry and the pumpkin. 

Can you see Hubby and Grandson playing tetherball in the background? I don't think it has to be said how much these girls loved the jumping pillows. 

This little two year old had a whole lot of fun with her sister and her brother. 

Grandson is getting so tall and so thin. He is almost 8 and a half, Sweetheart is almost 5 and 5 months and Baby is almost 2 and 3 months. They are growing up before my very eyes. 

We were all very surprised when we discovered cousins who had also come to play.  Great minds think alike!  What a fun time we all had together, making memories. 

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