Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pictures from yesterday

We spent a fair amount of time in Pitt Meadows on the weekend. And even though there is a lacrosse game going on, there is always so many other things to look at and enjoy. 

Baby doesn't really like to stay still. And she really is an outside girl.  She was running around and around the bleachers while her brother was playing lacrosse. 

Because it was all four Maple Ridge teams who made it to the finals, we knew a few boys from other teams. So there is always lots of chatting and visiting with friends. Poor Ken was having such a tough time as his son was playing on the opposing team in the morning. He's very competitive but he is very compassionate as well, so he wanted our team to do well.  

These two sisters are way too cute. Sweetheart packed up my little suitcase full of toys to play with while her brother was playing lacrosse. The two of them just thought it was way too fun to walk around and tote the suitcase.

The suitcase looks like it is empty, but it had lots of stuffies and other things in it. It really was a beautiful Fall afternoon.

She looks like she was running away from home.

Sweetheart just loved the little gravel trail. She would have circled around and around all afternoon. We really did have such a lovely weekend! It was full of family, sports and delicious food. 

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