Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rainy day

Awww.  Look at that cute little sad face. She was upset because her cousin wouldn't share her pancakes with her. The best part about two year olds is that they usually don't stay upset for very long. And their problems are very easy to fix.

Baby had an excellent morning and had one sad moment. She got up at 6:45, we had a snuggle and then breakfast. She was so happy to greet her friends and cousins when they came in the door, and I know that she was very sad here but it was very short-lived. I made some pancakes for snack to add with strawberries and everyone was happy.  After snack, we headed off to Music Class on this very rainy day.

Sam loves doing crafts. So when I handed her a box full of Halloween goodies from last year, she was very pleased. 

We had paper, cardboard, pipe cleaners, pompoms, glue, stickers, and stamps. Everyone had lots of fun this afternoon creating. We didn't really have a plan, but the children didn't need one. 

They all enjoyed sitting around the table while the little ones slept. It wasn't too long after this picture was taken that Fara was sleeping too.

Two, three and four year olds are pretty easy to please. And Sam was in her element. I wish I loved crafts as much as these guys did!

Sweet Pea was so proud of her pumpkin, and was more than pleased to take a picture of it. Sweet Pea really likes glue. 

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