Monday, October 24, 2016


Baby slept over last night because her Mommy and Daddy were building bunk beds. This little one has wanted to be a big girl for so long and has been waiting very patiently. They bought them a couple of weeks ago, but then her Daddy went to Florida, so it was put on hold. Hubby and I helped get all five boxes into the girls room after they finally cleared it out of Sweetheart's bed and dressers, but then they ran out of day as it was bedtime. We took this little angel home and she has been a perfect little houseguest. She slept until 7 am and is lounging about right now. She has had a little bit of juice, but isn't too interested in her peanut butter toast and her banana yet.

Miracle #3 sent over this sweet picture of her siblings.....they are quite excited to be roommates until the bunk beds are built!

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