Tuesday, October 25, 2016


It will always bother me to wake a sleeping child. And yet, other children seem to take pleasure in waking up their siblings or friends. Not me.  I guess I know that I could be subject to severe crankiness for the duration of the rest of the day.  For most of the little ones who I care for, this actually doesn't seem to happen. It took Preston a few minutes to wake up as I stood over him, but he woke up very easily and very happily. 

I really think that pictures of sleeping children are precious. Can you see his little eyes opening?  He lied here for a good minute or more before I finally just reached in and took him out so we could go and get Mason from school. It's like he was willing me to leave him alone. No such luck. And for a little boy who only slept an hour, he's been in a really good mood. Which is really nice because it sure makes my job easy. He and the big boys have had a really good afternoon. 

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