Monday, October 3, 2016

Sunday Funday

We live in a wonderful world full of beautiful scenery. Our hayride took us through the cranberry fields. Cranberries are very unique in the way that they grow and the way that they are harvested. 

SIL always enjoys experiencing new adventures with his children, and loves to teach them. I'm not exactly sure what they were all looking at, but whatever it was, the blessings were very interested. 

The rides were a highlight of the day and Baby really wanted to go with the big kids on Corny's barrel ride.  And she will tell you it was "super scary!" She went on the ride once and came off crying as soon as she saw her mom, but everyone else loved it!

I think they went around three or four was getting later in the day and there weren't any line-ups anywhere. Not like it was when we first arrived. 

We all had way too much fun yesterday. I am really sad that Meadows Maze is closing down. They are still remaining open as a wedding venue, but all the kid stuff is disappearing. Forever. 

The family fun market is like at the PNE, and it teaches the children that food doesn't just come from a grocery store. I need one at my house. It would have to be a smaller scale, but I really need one. 

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