Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sunny afternoon

We went to Auntie's house today to walk to the school to pick up all the big kids. Sweet Pea was rather fascinated with the yellow watering can and I took her picture.

It was really very sunny and warm at 2 o'clock today. Like we really didn't need a jacket, but we wore them anyway.

My other little people came running over to me when they realized that I had taken a picture of their cousin. So I took another. But it was really really bright!

We had another wonderful play at the intermediate playground after school. I love it when we have it all to ourselves. Which we sort of did.....except for one extra kindergartener who was playing with Tai.  These two two-year-olds were playing and balancing. 

It's so fun when #3 gets in and plays too. I love the look she is getting from her niece. Sweet Pea is very enamoured with her auntie these days. She tells me every day that she loves her Auntie C. It's pretty cute! Baby was saying the other night that she loved her Gwamma and her Auntie J.  I think that these two year olds are just starting to understand feelings and what they mean. It's not like they didn't always know about love.....they can now articulate. 

Sand. I'd have to say that kids and sand are a pretty happy combination as well. They all had so much fun in it, although I had to explain to every two and three year old that it was too cold to have bare feet. It's not like they didn't try. 

The five and six year olds built a castle. I think they were a little disappointed that it was time to leave, but we really were there for a full hour. I know that our outside park days are numbered but we will take every single opportunity that we can get!  Rain is forecast for the rest of this week.

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