Friday, October 28, 2016

Sunny Friday

Our day began with Halloween cookies from Finn and his family. They were very yummy, but because he was the only one in attendance today we needed to find some children to share them with. So we went to #3's house and the adults had coffee and the children had cookies. And yes, the adults had cookies too. How else would I know that they were yummy?

They were from Hansel and Gretel's bakery and I would definitely recommend them. As much as I enjoy the smiley face ones from The Haney Bakery, I would have to say that these were better. 

We went on an adventure this afternoon!

I kept hearing about this wonderful place for children through Facebook and blogs, so we went to check it out. Finn and I invited Baby along to keep us company and it was all that it was hyped up to be.  It was a perfect place for my one and two year old. Baby loved the hay maze and was so excited to find a 'tractor' in its midst. Finn really liked playing on the 'tractor' but he was very hesitant about going through the maze. Baby just loved it all! And the best part of all was that it was free. We could have gone on the hayride for $5 for anyone 4 and older, but the best part of that is the money for the hayride can be credited towards a pumpkin or a treat in the cafe. We never did do the hayride, but I think I will go back on Monday with my three little ones. It's only ten minutes away from my house.

Two little pumpkins sitting on the pumpkins. It was so lovely outside that we almost didn't need jackets. Note that I said almost. 

The pigs were really stinky but they still really enjoyed looking at them. 

Baby loved this slide sitting in the middle of the pumpkin patch!

She also loved the corn maze, and Finn was fine as long as we were close. 

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