Monday, October 10, 2016

Thanksgiving Day

We were at the lacrosse field at 8 o'clock this morning. And while we waited for Grandson's game to begin, I watched my precocious two year old granddaughter climb up and down the bleachers. 

She is just so darn adorable.  And I do believe she knows that. In my eyes, she really cannot do any wrong. In reality, she's not a very good listener. 

Grandson played so well this morning.  His whole team did, and they won their semifinal game and so that meant that they were in the gold medal game at 2:15. 

He got his first goal. Could he look any happier?

These two loved walking around the field before the second game.

The boys won a silver medal, which means they lost.  But they really did win a medal, and at 8 and 9 years old, they should be very proud. 

We celebrated with sparkling apple juice!

And then we had a turkey feast!  I love my the moon and back again! We get together on Monday nights quite regularly, but tonight we pulled out the table and made room for everyone. The table was set with the good china and silverware, and we stuffed ourselves with a delicious dinner. We are missing SIL because he flew to Orlando on business, so there was only 12 of us. He was missed, but returns home on Friday for more family fun next weekend! We have a lot to be grateful for....and I swear that it feels like midnight as we have been so busy all day. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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