Sunday, October 9, 2016

The weatherman was wrong

We went to watch Lacrosse at 8 o'clock this morning and even though it was wet, it was getting brighter and brighter as the hour progressed. The boys beat Langley 14-4 and it looks like they probably made it into the playoffs tomorrow. Yay!

Grandson had a really good game and I believe he got a couple of assists. The whole team played well, and they were excellent at passing the ball around today.

The one thing that Grandson does is plays his position really well.  One of the Mom's was talking to me at the field and she mentioned that she and her husband are surprised that it is Grandson's first year playing LAX.  He's a bit of a natural athlete and I am his Grandma so I am allowed to boast. He's really enjoying himself and that's what is the most important!

After Lacrosse, I headed off to church to see my friends and enjoy a superb Thanksgiving weekend service. Pastor Todd has been having awesome messages lately and the music was so thought-provoking as well. I picked up a take-home devotional for Life Group even though I didn't actually join one this term, but I always like doing the devotions. I still may join one but it seems like every evening has been filled up with meetings, yoga and other things right now. Friday night would have worked but that particular group was full anyway. This past Friday night we went to the Trivia Night fundraiser at church and we all had such a wonderful time. Cynde, Dean, Jenelle and her new boyfriend came with us and our team actually won! It was just bragging rights but that was very fun, as I had never been on a winning team before. Ever. They raised over $1300 for the Colombia Missions Team, and that is really what it was all about anyway!

We just came back from Costco and grocery shopping, and it's time to start cleaning my house. Hubby's not feeling all that great as he ended up with the September cold in October so he needs to relax a bit.  That 3 weeks of taking oil of oregano helped ward off the germs but he finally succumbed to it. He works with lots of people too, so I can't really blame it on the Daycare kids.  He barely ever sees them any more as most of them are gone by the time he arrives home now. And I have been bleaching everything like crazy! And on that note, I better go and clean, clean, clean!

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