Friday, October 14, 2016

The wind

It was a blustery day. And it did rain, but for the most part it was really very windy. The children loved it and it was even somewhat warm, so that made it even more fun!

After we dropped Ethan and Kara off at pre-school for 12:30, we came home and ran around the cul-de-sac for a bit. These three just loved it! You can't really tell how windy it really is, but Sweet Pea's hair is blowing pretty good.  Right after we came inside, #2 texted and said that the power was out at work and he was just waiting to see what his manager was going to decide. Turns out that he decided to send everyone home, so #2 came home early today. 

They are all so sweet!

Finn was a bit apprehensive about running around. Maybe because he fell yesterday while running, or maybe he just wasn't feeling so great. He was almost over his cold last week, and he came congested again today. His nose didn't stop running all day!

See how windy it was?  Let's just take a wild guess and say it was 80 km/ hr, just because we are between Vancouver and Abbotsford. 

We took care of a couple of blessings this evening while their Mommy took Sweetheart to a birthday party. Pretty Girl stayed for dinner too, and just after she left around 5:30 it got quite sunny out. Baby insisted on going outside because she wanted to step in puddles, and we thought that these trees looked so beautiful. And I know you can't see how windy it was, but it really was.

Such a little sweetie!  We had so much fun together!

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