Sunday, October 16, 2016

Well, that went by fast!

What a wonderful playing field!  We went into Towne Centre this morning to watch Grandson play lacrosse, and even though they lost 12-8 to Coquitlam, it was a really good game.

It was end to end and I think that Coquitlam was leading for most of the game, but it was really fun to watch.

I love that there were covered bleachers to help keep us dry. The wind was not very nice, but it was 12 degrees, so that should mean that it wasn't very cold. Trust me.  It was cold!  Even though the thermometer said it was pleasant enough, the wind and the dampness chilled me to the bone.  I wore my winter coat, a hat, a scarf and boots but it was still chilly. This is the part about being hypothyroid that is tough.  Hopefully I will acclimatize in the next couple of weeks and I won't feel as cold.

Grandson played well.  But even if he didn't I wouldn't have really noticed because he is just so fun to watch!

The rain poured down during the third quarter but for the most part, it actually stayed away. It's been a funny day, weather wise. It rained some, the sun arrived for a few minutes, and it was cloudy and dry for a while and Hubby washed his cars. I went to yoga tonight to try and warm up and it was a great class. I haven't been on a Sunday evening for a while and I really liked this instructor. I can't quite believe how fast this weekend went by!

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