Wednesday, November 30, 2016

School pick-up

When I went to pick up the big boys at school today, Sweetheart's class had just come around from the back of the school. She was very excited to say Hello as we walked in the front door while she was waiting at Ms. Woo's class so they could all go into their classrooms.  Her teacher then asked her to take me in to see the artwork outside her class that was inspired by a book that she had brought to school last week.  

It was called The Silly Swamp and she was more than happy to show me what she and her classmates had been working on. 

Isn't it wonderful?  I don't actually know the story but it's a great bulletin board!  My little ones and I often go looking at all of the art that the children display, and we always look for names of children who we know. 

And we like to play at the end if the hallway where this little table and chairs are. Sweet Pea informed me that she is the teacher. 

And Isaac told me that he was the teacher too. These were my only two children this afternoon, until we picked up Lucas, Tai and Mason. Preston was away with an eye infection. He's going to be away tomorrow too, so we've planned an outing. Sam wants to come over and see everyone one last time, so we are going to go on a field trip!

Wonderful Wednesday morning

I love Wednesdays!  Especially our time that we spend at MyGym. Or as Sweet Pea calls it, YourGym. The children were exceptionally well-behaved today, even after Lukas's mom told me had a really late night so there could be some behaviours. Nope, none today!

I like when the instructors have a circle time. Sweet Pea was sitting beside Baby when I was going to take a picture, but then she decided she wanted to come and sit beside me instead. So if I was only one second quicker, then she would have been showing off how well he listens to instructions as well. We all had a wonderful morning!


Tuesday, November 29, 2016


This was Sam's last Tuesday with us. It was always going to be the last day, because we decided a few weeks ago that our Fall routine was running very smoothly and the toddlers were doing just fine. I loved having her here to help, but it was more that I wanted her more than I needed her. It was a win-win situation all around, but we both knew that it was always going to have to end. As it turns out, she received a full time job that she is starting next week. She had been working at Buntzen Lake for four days a week since September, and full time before that. She has had this job for the past seven Summer's while she was going to high school and in university, but she always knew that this would be her last year there. And when she received a job offer last week, she knew that all her work towards her Communications Degree had finally paid off. It wasn't quite what she was looking for, but it is a perfect entry-level position in her field and we are all so excited for her!

But we are all going to miss her so much. She told us that she is going to miss us too.....we are all rather attached. She has worked so hard and the children just adore her. The relationships that she has made with all of her fuzzins is priceless. Baby is one of those kind of little people who takes a bit of time to get to know. And she is quite choosy as to who she likes. Well, Sam worked hard with her and they are really good friends now. It's really quite precious to watch and listen to them. Today, Baby decided that she needed her nails "sprinkled" and Sam was happy to do that for her!


Monday, November 28, 2016


I watched a Christmas movie and have been playing on my iPad this evening. I almost booked a yoga class, but I didn't feel like leaving the house. I took this personality test on Facebook and it turns out that I am blue. I thought that I would have been yellow. Most of my Facebook friends are green. I took another quiz called, "How Catholic are you?"  As we all know, I am not Catholic at all but I did know my theology, as it told me that I was 100% Catholic. Hubby has a bunch of Christmas movies PVR'd and I think that I will go watch another one before I head to bed. It's been a lazy day and evening, but I had an extremely busy weekend, so I am not really feeling one bit guilty. Who wants to make a bet that I fall asleep in front of the TV set?

Very Wet Fall

It's been raining a lot. It usually does in October and November, but I didn't realize that it was this much more than usual. Grandson's lacrosse game was cancelled yesterday morning because the field was too soggy. As it turns out, it wasn't even raining when he should have been playing at 9. But the monsoons arrived in the afternoon and really never let up until in the middle of the night. I got drenched when I went to yoga, and it wasn't even that far to walk from the car to the studio. The night before the power was out down the street when I got up at 5. It wasn't out at our house, but the wind was blowing pretty good. I'm ready for Spring. Too bad that I still have to get through the rest of Fall and then all of Winter!

Funny plane

The children all love to look at the planes.  So when we were outside this morning, we all heard it before we saw it, but according to Baby, "The plane has a tag on it. Why does the plane have a tag on it?

It was actually an advertisement for Amazon. I know that my phone pics aren't really very clear, but that is what it says. 

It flew over us twice. I think the pilot must have seen us all staring and came back to give us another look. The children were so pleased!

Especially Finn. He's the one who enjoyed it the most. (At least that's what one would think by his facial expression and exuberance) They all enjoyed it, but it is pretty easy to entertain one and two year olds. The recycling truck and garbage truck came by too. It was an exciting morning!

It was a great morning outside. Only 6 degrees, but no rain!

More thoughts

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Have a peaceful sleep

At the rink

We went to watch Grandson play hockey this morning, and while we were waiting to see him after the game, Baby, Hubby and I went to check out the Cam Neely carving.  She was very curious and had lots and lots of questions but she wasn't so sure about it. Grandpa was showing it to her, but she didn't want to get too close. 

In order to see if she would closer to take a picture, Hubby went to have his picture taken. Just to show her that she didn't need to be so cautious. We all have always loved Cam Neely, and we love that he grew up in Maple Ridge and went on to play in the NHL.  

She went in at a different angle, but there was absolutely no way that she was going to have her picture taken.  Or get any closer.  Isn't she simply adorable?

I wonder what she is thinking. 

Thoughts for today

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Spending time

Sweetheart asked if she could come over after her dance class this morning, so that is exactly what she did. 

She thought it would be a good idea to out for lunch at The White Spot, so it didn't take really take too much convincing. I love The White Spot. 

She and Grandpa played tic-tac-toe.....they were really fun to watch. She won more games than he did. Just sayin'.

We had to take my van in to get a part replaced today. The turn signals needed to be fixed, and Sweetheart thought it was very fun to go to Grandpa's workplace. He took her into the back and she truly enjoyed herself. 

Sitting behind the counter, waiting to take orders. She was so pleased. 

She and I went to look in the showroom and she was very cute. We looked at several vehicles and she was so impressed. 

The sticker shock is what got me. The Pathfinder is listed for a mere $46,000 and it didn't even have a whole lot of room to sit in the back seat. 

This was our favourite one. She really liked the two televisions in the Armada, I was impressed with the trunk space. It was listed for just over $72,000, and it still only had seven seats. I loved how she thought that we were going to get in trouble because we kept looking inside the vehicles. You can tell that she had never been in a showroom before. It is an awfully fun place to hang out when you're only five.

This is the bottom of a Versa. She was very intrigued and she couldn't believe that the car was turned onto it's side. We all had a very fun time at Grandpa's work today!

A strong marriage

Friday, November 25, 2016

Outside Day

It turned out rather nice this morning so we spent some time outside getting some fresh air. Fridays are always's a different mix of children so it usually goes quite smoothly. Not that the other days don't go smoothly, but it's different dynamics. Every other day of the week, I have a lot of boys. Friday is a mostly girl day!

Yes, I know he is a boy. But I love that he is riding in the pink princess car. He's almost 20 months and he's fine with pink. 

Kara turned four at the beginning of the month and now she keeps telling me that she is almost five. She certainly acts five some days, but like I tell all of them, "it's okay to not grow up so quickly."

Sweet Pea loves her toque. And it was a toque sort of morning when you don't have a lot of hair.

She loves to push him. These are my toque kids today. Finn definitely needs a hat on most days. His hair is growing but it is so blonde and so fine, he needs to keep his head warm. His Grandma from Finland made it for him and it is very cute!

Ethan is going to be five in March. He's my big boy on Fridays, but he is a way better follower than he is a leader. 

Shay will be three in March and she is a very good leader and a very good follower.  She only comes one day a week and is very shy, but she is having an extremely good day. 

These two are first cousins. Their Dads are brothers. Because of all of the shift work in their families, they don't get to see each other very often so Fridays are always a fun cousin day for them.