Friday, November 11, 2016

A day out

Hmmmmm.  Do you think that Sweetheart is a little bit excited?  She has been planning our day out today for weeks. She knew that it was a long weekend and has been asking and asking to go to the Aquarium.  So she planned a sleepover and to go to Vancouver today. 

She managed to sneak in a double sleepover and if she had it her way, she would have stayed again tonight if she was allowed. But her family had other plans and she and her brother needed to go back home. Hubby and I ended up using his Keg gift certificates that he got for his birthday so it worked out okay. I had a Steak Oscar and Hubby had a Classic Sirloin and I am still stuffed from an early 5 o'clock dinner. We took the blessings home around 4 and I am sure that they have had a wonderful evening as well.

We can't go to the Aquarium without taking this picture. We only had these two because their Mommy decided she needed to try potty-training Baby. She has been asking to wear underwear for weeks, so today was the day. She has been semi-bowel trained for awhile now. (she actually asked me to go use the potty yesterday so she definitely has the right attitude) She did pretty good today, but it really is only Day 1.  

Another classic Aquarium picture. 

Wasn't very busy when we arrived at 9 am.

He asked for this sloth puppet and carried it around with him all day.

The frogs. It was really different to not have a two year old to accommodate. These two just love looking and reading about everything. I love how Grandson explains everything to her. 

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