Thursday, November 17, 2016

A little bit of Christmas

I went to pick up the big boys from school today, and Sweetheart walked home with us.  We stopped at the park on our way back and Baby needed to use the bathroom so we didn't stay too long. Instead of making her wait longer, we made a quick pit stop at the church. And because the Christmas trees are all up in the lobby, we stayed for a bit.

Sweetheart would have stayed here all day. The boys all liked the decorations but Sweetheart loved them.  There must be thirty or more trees to look day we will have to count.  

Here are some very special 4, 5 and 6 year olds. They make my heart smile!

I love her cheesy little two year old grin!

She's demonstrating the one-finger touch. 

He's very photogenic. And was quite happy to pose. 

Ethan was happy to pose as well.  At this point in time, Sweet Pea and Isaac were sleeping in the stroller, and Preston was happy to watch the world go by and smile at all of my friends who came to say Hello. Lucas was on the other side of the lobby at this moment so I am missing an individual one of him, but I am sure we can always go back one day and take some more photos. I love Christmas!  And so do all of these children!

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