Sunday, November 6, 2016

At Lacrosse

This little peanut loves being outside. And she was totally enamoured with a worm that her Mommy found for her. She came over to show me her new little pet. 

She's always loved animals and this worm was no exception. She was quite excited to show me while we were watching her brother play lacrosse. 

She just loved it!

Such a little cutie-pie!

Sweetheart was hilarious. It wasn't raining, but she was quite concerned about the birds flying about. One pooped on Grandpa, and that was when her umbrella went up. She was having no part of that happening to her.....and she was making sure. I love all of her accessories. She is such a little diva!

We were in Langley today at The Langley Events Centre.  I had no idea how big this facility was until today. It's huge!  

Grandson had a really good game and he even scored a goal. Right after the bird pooped on his Grandpa. I have always heard that it is good luck if that happens. And today there was some good luck. No convincing of that to Sweetheart though. 

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