Saturday, November 5, 2016

Birthday Party

Hubby's cousin texted me on Monday and asked me to help her plan a potluck dinner party on Saturday evening for her Dad and Hubby. Their birthdays are a day apart and she thought it would be fun to get together. So she put together an email invite for the family and the majority of us were free, so tonight was the night!

Baby is our little animal lover. She was very interested in Brinn who was chewing on a pigs ear. 

Sweet Pea came over to have a look as well. You would never know that she used to be afraid of dogs a couple of months ago. She still takes a few minutes to feel comfortable but she isn't afraid at all. Ace is the big dog and he had already finished his pigs ear. And Baby was just as interested in him when he had his. 

Happy 83rd Birthday Uncle Ron!  And Happy 61st to Hubby!

Cake time is always so fun!  And these two love their sweets. Especially chocolate cake!

These two cousins had so much fun together!  And were very patient when they were waiting for their cake. They sang Happy Birthday again, just for me.

Jenn and John have the best house for entertaining!  And Jenn was the hostess with the mostest. You could tell that she was having so much fun!

We all had a really good time celebrating two very important men. And the children all had a splendid time too!

Photo bomb!  Oh, he just so funny! And very handsome too!

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