Monday, November 7, 2016

Dollies and Cups

So, what did I do today?  I played. And I watched children play. This little boy wrestled Baby for her dolly, but was fine with the one that she traded him for. He has become quite fascinated with dolls lately and pays very close attention to what all of the little girls do with them. He found a tea towel and a dress and played peekaboo with his doll for over half an hour. Baby sat beside him and encouraged him for a few minutes, but she soon tired of that and went off to play with her own. He giggled and chatted, and it was really cute to watch.  He's always been a good little player but I found it very interesting that he liked the doll so much.

This tea towel was his blanket, and it worked really well. At one point I wrapped the baby in it but he didn't really appreciate my help. He would rather just take it on and off. 

He really liked the belly button. And her eyes. He was sure to show me and name all of her body parts. Smart little man!

I love his little tongue. Every time he would concentrate on what he was doing, out came the tongue. It's hard work to take care of babies. Lol.  

These two blessings came by to play after school and we built towers out of cups. First we started with shorter pyramids, but Sweetheart thought that this was more fun. She built it almost by herself with her sister cheering her on. I had to add the final two cups because she couldn't reach that high. It really is so fun to stack and play! And it's really fun to knock them over too. I cannot count how many times we stacked them up and knocked them down!

They were so proud of themselves. Very happy blessings!

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